A single male lying down at home with his leg stretched out wearing a green splint and cast after a bone fracture and foot surgery.

Accident Insurance

Having financial protection when it’s needed is no accident

Everyone knows that if you die without life insurance, it could dramatically affect your loved ones’ financial future. But think how losing an eye or limb would dramatically change your life. Accident (AD&D) insurance is designed to help you and your family cope and adjust.

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Because accidents can and do happen

  • Plan for the unexpected – just think how your life would be affected if an accident caused you to lose an eye or limb. And think how a loved ones’ financial future would be affected if you were to die accidently without life insurance. Accident – or Accidental Death & Dismemberment – insurance can help you and your family cope by providing lump sum cash benefits.

Do what you can to protect yourself and your loved ones

Whether you’d like a no-obligation quote or more information, call toll-free. Licensed accident insurance specialists are here to answer your questions, explain your options and help select the coverage that’s right for your needs and budget.

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